SAP Business One

What is SAP Business One?

A cost-effective solution to manage your entire small business, from accounting and financial data, purchasing, inventory, sales, and customer relationships to reports and analysis.

A savvy answer for dealing with your whole independent company, from bookkeeping and monetary information, buying, stock, deals, and client relations to reports and investigation.

  • On-reason or cloud organization
  • Coordinated business insight
  • Reconciliation with SAP HANA stage
  • Fast arrangement

Why SAP Business One?

  • Complete small-business essentials in a single system
  • Functionality that helps you keep your customers close
  • Access to instant information for immediate action
  • Application designed specifically for small
  • Decades of proven experience
  • Ability to grow with your business
  • Wide range of industry-specific packages
  • Local support by experienced
  • Backing from the people at SAP
  • Software trusted by thousands of small businesses around the world

SAP Business One is an integrated, affordable business management … SAP Business One is affordable, so you can achieve a rapid return on your investment. 

Financial Accounting: Accounting, Chart-of-Account templates, Journal entries, Document parking, Account templates, Reversing journals, Recurring postings, Posting journal, 1099 processing, Exchange rate differences, Balance sheet test report, Profit-and-loss statement, Balance sheet, Comparative reports, Budget reports, Financial report templates, and much more.

Sales: Quotation, Order, Pick/Pack, Delivery, Link sales orders to purchase orders, Returns, Invoice, Sales tax, Invoice and payment, Credit memo, Reserve invoice, Printing, Document summary, and more.

Purchasing: Purchase order, Delivery for purchase order, Split purchase order, Returns, Credit memo, Import data, Posting journal, printing and more.

Business Partners: Definitions, Business partner contacts, Opening balances, Contact overview, Opportunity, Opportunity Analysis, Opportunity pipeline and more.

Bank Transaction: Incoming payments, Outgoing payments, Payment run, Check voiding, Deposits, Postdated check deposit, Credit-card management, Postdated credit-card deposit, Bank statements and reconciliation, Reconciliation wizard and more.

Warehouse Management: Definitions, Item Query, Drop Ship, Price list, Special prices, Substitute items, Good receipt and goods issue, Inventory transfer, Cycle counting system, Inventory/stock posting, Inventory valuation methods, Batches, Serial numbers, Location classes and more.

Production/Final Assembly: Define BOM, Production instructions/work order, Open work orders, Production recommendations report, Product BOMs and more.

Controlling: Create profit center, create distribution rules, Table for profit centers and distribution rules, Profit center report and more.

Reporting: Open items, Customer receivables by due date, Sales analysis, Cash flow, Query interface, Contact overview, accounting reports, Company reports, Warehouse reports (balance, inventory, product BOMs), and much more.

Service Management: Service call, Customer equipment card, Service contract, Knowledge base resultion, Service reports and more.

Employee Profiles: Employee list, Absence report, Phone book and more.

CRM Sales: The SAP Business One CRM sales cycle management functions record every sales opportunity across the customer lifecycle, from lead identification, through discovery, qualification, proposal, closure and ultimately through after-sale service and support. Integral CRM allows users to enter details of the opportunity, including the source, potential deal size, closing date, competitors and activities.